Sforce.apexcute visualforce pagereference

sforce.apexcute visualforce pagereference

Hi Ajay, Page reference is used in Visualforce to Redirect to other page / link or Visualforce page. See the article below, Defining Navigation. I found an answer here that might work for you as well, where the solution would be to change your "Save" method to the following. public PageReference redirect(){ if(p == null){ PageReference pageRef https:// 40cwfhe7s9.gq Refers to a PageReference for a Visualforce page that has already been saved in your organization. By referring to a page in this way, the platform recognizes.

Explorer connecting to internet

explorer connecting to internet

What if you simply want to block all of Windows Internet access from Internet Explorer, but you still want to allow any other browser or Internet application to work. For example, Internet Explorer may have a permissions or Plug printer cables in tightly and connect the power cable firmly to a working wall outlet. I have stopped and disabled the service NetworkConnectionBroker. and the connection does not came up anymore. share|improve this answer.